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Car Corner: Boxcars

Here’s a good look at a 40-foot class XM6 boxcar belonging to the original Norfolk Southern Railway. The 28088 was built in January 1942 near the very beginning of the United States’ involvement in World War II. This photo is undated, but the car has been restenciled in December 1962. This boxcar is likely in dedicated service, as the white powder has been wiped clean from a section due to the opening and closing of the door! —Photo from the collection of William F. Strassner

Car Corner: Boxcars

Conrail Boxcar
ABOVE: Early in the Conrail days, you could find a wide variety of colors and typefaces adorning their rolling stock. Conrail 160150 is a perfect example. It was built in November 1947 for the New York Central and was designated as class 968B by Conrail. The roadname looks standard, but those narrow reporting marks look a bit improvised. It was painted in May 1976 with what looks like was left in the cans by Penn Central. —Kodachrome by Jim Aldridge, collection of David Baer.

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This article was posted on: March 1, 2023